Write a book report for Nathan Bomey′s Detroit Resurrected.

Write a book report for Nathan Bomey′s Detroit Resurrected.
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“Detroit Resurrected” by Nathan Bomey is a comprehensive account of the efforts to rescue the city of Detroit from bankruptcy. In 2013, Detroit became the largest American city to file for bankruptcy, with debts estimated at $18 billion. The city was struggling with a declining population, high unemployment, and a dwindling tax base, which had led to a financial crisis.

Bomey, a Detroit native and journalist, delves into the complex and often contentious negotiations that took place between city officials, labor unions, pension funds, bondholders, and other stakeholders in the bankruptcy process. The author provides a detailed chronicle of the negotiations, court hearings, and political maneuvering that ultimately led to Detroit’s emerg

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ence from bankruptcy in 2014.

The book highlights the difficult decisions and trade-offs that were made during the bankruptcy process. For example, the city had to make significant cuts to public services and pensions, which were fiercely opposed by unions and retirees. At the same time, the city had to persuade bondholders and other creditors to accept significant losses. Bomey provides a balanced and nuanced account of the various perspectives and interests at play in the negotiations, and he sheds light on the challenges faced by all parties involved.

Bomey also explores the history of Detroit, including its rise and fall as a manufacturing powerhouse, and the social and economic issues that contributed to the city’s decline. He argues that the bankruptcy process was an opportunity for the city to address these underlying issues and to chart a new path forward. He describes the efforts to reinvest in the city’s infrastructure, to attract new businesses and residents, and to revitalize neighborhoods.

Overall, “Detroit Resurrected” is a well-researched and engaging account of an important moment in American urban history. Bomey’s writing is clear and accessible, and he provides a wealth of detail and context that will be of interest to anyone interested in the future of American cities. The book is particularly valuable for its insights into the politics and economics of bankruptcy, and its examination of the challenges and opportunities facing struggling cities.

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