How did French Revolutionaries attempt to respond to long-term problems?

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Class Readings:
Voltaire: Candide. (Penguin edition)
Blaisdell (editor): The Communist Manifesto and other Revolutionary Writings (Dover)

Answer & Explanation
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The French Revolutionaries attempted to respond to long-term problems in several ways:

Economic reforms: The French Revolutionaries attempted to address long-term economic problems such as poverty and food shortages by introducing economic reforms. One of the most significant economic reforms was the abolishment of feudalism and the establishment of a market-based economy.

Political reforms: The Revolutionaries also introduced political reforms, such as the establishment of a democratic government, the creation of the National Assembly, and the adoptio

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n of a new constitution that guaranteed individual rights.

Social reforms: The Revolutionaries attempted to address long-term social problems, such as inequality and discrimination, by introducing social reforms. For example, they abolished slavery in French colonies and granted citizenship to all free men.

Educational reforms: The Revolutionaries also recognized the importance of education in creating a more enlightened and educated society. They established a system of public education and promoted the development of science, literature, and the arts.

Legal reforms: The Revolutionaries introduced legal reforms, such as the creation of a uniform legal system and the introduction of the concept of the rule of law, which aimed to ensure that all citizens were equal before the law.

Overall, the French Revolutionaries attempted to address long-term problems in a comprehensive and holistic manner, recognizing the interconnected nature of economic, political, social, educational, and legal issues. While not all of their efforts were successful, their legacy continues to influence modern politics and society.

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